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Contracting offer

Oferta kontraktacji


Over 20 years of experience

For over 20 years we have been growing crops based on cultivation contracts. Such extensive experience has allowed us to specialize in professional production and a professional approach to the subject of contact. You have the possibility to choose a particular area where the material that meets your expectations will be produced. The advantage of the cultivation contract is the fact that you will obtain the raw material directly from the farmer produced according to the requirements of the recipient.


Seed contracting in Agro-Olsztyn gives you both financial and commodity security. We conclude short-term as well as long-term contracts (for a period of several years) with our seed companies. We guarantee flexible payment terms adapted to your needs. We can also offer you transport, independent of the place of delivery at any time of the year. Products can be delivered in big-bags, sacks or in bulk.

Skontaktuj się z nami

You are welcome to visit our farms as well as to contact us